Project Management and System Engineering

Project Management and System Engineering

Project Management 

ProVision C4I provides a comprehensive package of services, leading your projects successfully, by combining proven methodology with efficient, effective experienced project managers.

ProVision C4I knowledge and experience provides a leading edge to the profession of Project Management and System Engineering. ProVision C4I acknowledges that Project Management is an area of activity that requires thorough knowledge and extensive experience. ProVision C4I brings proven best practices, based on practical experience working in various projects with various organizations, integrated with your organization’s practices that enable successfully coping with complex project management. ProVision C4I introducing in-depth knowledge based on training and practice in the field, combined with many years of experience in managing small and large scale projects with diverse characteristics.

ProVision C4I Project Manager will apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet (and exceed) project requirements and expectations, while balancing competing demands and resources. ProVision C4I skilled project manager will plan, manage, and handle details with a prime goal of leading your projects to success, in a way which enables you to relax and focus in your business. Our team is skilled with vast knowledge and varied experience in diversified professional and management activities, and armed with innovativeness, flexibility and creativity. All of those are aimed to bring an added value to your business.

ProVision C4I strongly believes in constructed work based on proven methodology (i.e. a set of methods, processes and practices that are carried out to deliver projects), with the flexibility to adapt to the specific project and the company’s environment and culture. This methodology will provide the project team with the knowhow to complete and deliver your project (how it should be done, in which order and by when). ProVision C4I methodology is based on standards which are a collection of knowledge areas that are accepted as best practice (e.g. PMBOK) and includes a core set of processes to follow for delivering projects, a set of templates to help you build deliverables quickly, a suite of case studies to help you learn from past projects and the ability for customizing the methodology if needed. Incorporating methodology is beneficial in many aspects and boosts the chances of success. This is true only when accompanied with experience and relevant capabilities – The finest carpenter’s tool-box will only be as good as the carpenter.

By bringing all the needed ingredients and professionally handling with care, ProVision C4I makes projects flourish.

ProVision C4I perception is that projects are much like children – It’s wise to plan in advance and start when all the conditions are right; be enthusiastic and optimistic when they are born but also be realistic and the “responsible adult”; while they are growing , apply knowledge, wisdom and experience to take close care and navigate through happy and rough times in order to help guide and lead them to success, and then see them mature and accomplishing their goals but still follow and always taking care of their well-being.

Project Management Services

ProVision C4I offers various possibilities that will be adapted to your needs, taking full responsibility and providing a turn-key package to your project management, or by providing key members in your project management team. In all variation ProVision C4I will provide its knowledge and experience to ensure success.

As samples to the leverage of our services is the approach to critical aspects of project management:

• Project Initiating – conducting market analysis and feasibility studies; analyze  
  and define customer/market requirements; identify project stakeholders (i.e.
  who is interested, influence or affected by the project); define project scope
  considering all key factors (e.g. requirements, schedule and budget). 

• Project Planning – develop Project Management Plan (PMP – the primary
  source of information for how the project will be planned, executed, monitored,
  controlled, and closed), which includes Work Breakdown Structure (WBS –
  an important foundation upon which the project is built (, Program control &
  responsibilities, Program activities, Master schedule, Personnel/Staffing,
  Contractor & Subcontractors management, Risk analysis and management
  plan, and other topics as needed.

• Project Monitoring and Controlling – Tracking, reviewing and regulating the
  progress to meet the performance objectives (with regard to scope, schedule,
  cost, resources, quality, and risk) defined in the project management plan
  mainly be conducting structured Design Reviews (DR’s) and Project
  Management Reviews (PMR’s) ; perform integrated change control; manage
  staff and suppliers; etc.
  Our goal is achieving compliance with project objectives within the required
  schedule, promote solutions oriented environment, providing the required
  quality, while minimizing the cost of the project and achieving customer
  satisfaction. ProVision C4I approach assure a broad view on all aspects and    
  dependencies, to ensure best results and achieving all of the project
  objectives. ProVision C4I Project Manager will implement all required
  disciplines i.e. team management & leadership, scheduling & progress
  control, resource management, cost control, risk & issue management,
  documentation & reporting, continuous improvement procedures and more.
  Samples to critical aspects of project management are Risk Management as  
  an on-going process (Risk management will be engaged continuously to
  monitor and control the likelihood and impact of risks on the project),
  Managing the Life-cycle Cost (looking on the all picture – the cost of the
  resources needed to complete project activities, while considering the effect
  of project decisions on the cost of using the project’s product).

• Project Delivery – taking projects to completion, i.e. site acceptance testing,
  commissioning and handover including training users and maintenance

System Engineering

A system engineer is an essential and dominant function in the project organization structure. ProVision C4I will provide this expert who will professionally orchestrate the project experts and professionals staff during marketing activity, contract negotiation, design and developing the project, qualification and functional tests, manufacturing, fielding and customer service.

ProVision C4I system Engineer is highly skilled and experienced with all capabilities needed, including technical aspects (System Definition, System analysis, System design and architecture, Analyzing alternatives and setting working point, Functional and physical system structure, System implementation, System performance verification), administrative aspects (Determining the methods, tools and processes of the system engineering program, Professional management of the program, Managing the integration process, Technical Control) and leadership aspects (Building the technical staff, Team development, Team spirit, Team motivating).

The effective interaction between the project manager and the system engineer is crucial to the project success, since system engineering is a key element in context of the overall project management (i.e. planning, risk management, configuration management, data management, project assessment, decision analysis).

System Engineering Services

Our system engineering will provide all aspects required and coordinated with the project manager, including:

• Involvement in all phases of the project (from marketing and system definition,
  throughout the design and development and up to the delivery and support).

• Provide an overall perspective of the project, combining all elements and
  aspects into a comprehensive view leading to a better understanding and

• Set system objectives (customer needs) and maintain continuous contact
  with the customer.

• System definition analysis, including requirements analysis and definition,
  comparison of alternatives by cost – benefit analysis, choosing an alternative
  that meets customer requirements, performing  tradeoff analysis considering
  system-wide considerations, functional analysis  and more.

• Coordination between the individual engineering teams and all project teams.

• Perform trade-off studies and examination of proposals for changes and test
  the overall effects.

• Lead and coordinate project development activities, including system
  analysis, preliminary design, architecture design, preparation of integration
  and testing sites, integration and interface design, system verification and
  validation and more