About ProVision C4I LTD

ProVision C4I Ltd. was established by B.G. (Res.) Yehoo Even Zahav, Col. (Res.) Ofer Azari and Lt. Col. (Res.) Ehud Kauf.

Our team has decades of experience in designing, constructing, operating and managing leading projects ‎and large, complex and critical systems.‎

ProVision C4I’s Uniqueness is the diverse mix of people on our team, allowing us to add ‎value to our customers by helping them to deal with complex project management – from conception to ‎the final stages of operation.‎

Additionally, with many projects exceeding the original budget of any company, ProVision C4I’s unique ‎capabilities allow it to share overall responsibility of any assignment, including participation in budgetary ‎risks.‎

Having lead complex projects in demanding environments, ProVision C4I is ideally positioned to work on ‎a wide range of tasks, assessing the initial requirements of a customer to market rollout.‎